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  • LASER CERTIFICATION: Implementing Laser Dentistry into your Dental Practice

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    This Lasers course is designed to 1) introduce the novice or potential laser user to the basic scientific principles, safety concerns, and 2) the laser expert to refine their skills and understand the potential uses of a laser in dental hygiene and dentistry.

    This course sells out quickly everytime. Participants rated this course a 5/5 “Best hands on course ever taken”, “Angie is an amazing instructor”.  “It was great to actually practice using the laser”

  • Radiographic Interpretation for “What the heck is that?”

    From: $30.00 Select options

    At times we are challenged to interpret a radiograph. We debate if it is an anomaly, pathology, artifact, or?  How do we differentiate and treat or refer?

  • Influencing Biofilm Repopulation with Oral Probiotics

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    What are the adjunctive therapies available to help our clients shift from a pathogenic biofilm to a healthier, more balanced biofilm?  How do we meet the challenge of helping our clients prolong and maintain that healthier balance to stop the progression of disease?

  • Laser Dentistry: Introduction, Implementing In Your Practice: Can You See the Light?

    From: $35.00 Select options

    Curious about lasers and their application in the dental practiceThis introductory to Laser Dentistry is the precursor to additional training and certification, providing information on how lasers work and shows their application in dental procedures. 

  • Salivary Diagnostics: How does it fit in with Your Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

    From: 30.00 Select options

    Incorporating salivary pathogen testing as part of risk analysis helps us understand how the pathogenic profile is contributing to disease.  This valuable information guides the development of an individualized therapy treatment plan that will decrease bleeding, inflammation, address the host response, and begin shifting the biofilm to a healthier balance.

  • Microbiome, Nutrition and Dentistry

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    The human body possesses a unique combination of microorganisms that help impact weight, immunity, disease processes, mental function and oral health. This course explores the impact of the microbiome on both oral and systemic health. Nutritional science is presented to educate on how to bolster our Microbiota.

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