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  • Medical Emergency in Your Dental Practice, 7 Critical Steps

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    Are you prepared to handle medical emergencies that may occur during dental procedures?  This course covers medical emergencies with a focus on how to effectively interview patients to uncover undisclosed health information. Learn to handle emergencies with confidence and ensure the safety of your patients.

  • OSHA, Infection Control, BBP & PPE (HIPAA not included)

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    This course is a must for dental employers and employees looking to comply with OSHA guidelines and reduce the risk of injury and disease transmission in their practice. Covering topics such as Hazmat guidelines, exposure control plans, and chemical safety, this informative webinar is designed to help you develop safety strategies and understand potential risks in a dental setting. Information you can implement immediately in your dental practice!

    Valuable resource for DAs preparing for the ICE exam.  DA’s would greatly benefit from PLS’s ICE review video series.

  • Infection Control Exam (ICE) Prep and Review for Dental Assistants

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    Infection Control, DANB or state Certification, for Dental Assistants is mandatory in many states.  The PLS ICE review and prep kit  provides a blueprint for DANB exam readiness and is comprehensive!  It includes a recorded lecture, power point, downloadable handouts and practice questions. 

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