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  • Cultural Competence and Cultural Humility in Dental Healthcare

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    This comprehensive course on cultural competence and cultural humility coaches you on how to provide sensitive and effective care to patients from diverse cultural backgrounds. Gain the knowledge and tools to enhance your professional relationships and improve patient outcomes.

  • Radiographic Interpretation for “What the heck is that?”

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    At times we are challenged to interpret a radiograph. We debate if it is an anomaly, pathology, artifact, or?  How do we differentiate and treat or refer?

  • Local Anesthesia, Anesthetics, and Pain Management: What’s New

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    As an oral surgeon and physician Dr. Petito discusses the many options clinicians have to make patients more comfortable when undergoing dental treatment. New advancements for local anesthesia, as well as other options for anesthesia and pain management are presented.

  • Microbiome, Nutrition and Dentistry

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    The human body possesses a unique combination of microorganisms that help impact weight, immunity, disease processes, mental function and oral health. This course explores the impact of the microbiome on both oral and systemic health. Nutritional science is presented to educate on how to bolster our Microbiota.

  • Cultural Competence: Addressing Health Care Disparities in the Dental Health Field

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    It is essential for the dental health care professional to identify issues that disuade people from seeking proper treatment and undermine commitment to their own care.  This need has caused a growing number of states (and health insurance providers) to mandate this subject matter for healthcare professionals once in a license monitoring cycle.  

  • Top Medication Choices for the Top Ten Illnesses

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    Dr. Petito delivers an engaging presentation on the most common illnesses that our patients face. Course evaluations include enthusiastic comments such as “Dr. Petito is beyond knowledgeable and a pleasure to listen to!!!!!” “Really enjoy this speaker! He’s entertaining to listen to!”

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