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  • Scaling to Achieve Advanced Performance and Outcomes

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    Why you need this course: Due to the current emphasis on infection control and to stay within the CDC guidelines, Dental Hygienists are utilizing more hand scaling techniques. This challenge offers more opportunity for stress and strain creating musculosketal injuries for Dental Hygienists. Proper Instrument selection, utilization and effective sharpening skills addresses these concerns. Combined lecture, videos and Q&A will enhance the learning process.

  • Sexual Assault and Domestic Abuse: The Role of Dental Professionals in Detection and Reporting

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    There are over ten million reported cases of sexual assault and domestic abuse in the US each year.  Examples of cases are presented by renowned forensic scientists Dr. Henry Lee.  The responsibility dental care providers have report such abuse incidents to the authorities is discussed.

  • Controlled Substances and the Dental Patient

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    This mandatory continuing education is delivered by Dr. Tyrone Rodriguez who consistently receives comments such as “always gives a great presentation,” “very informative” and “a highly recommended lecturer.”

  • Cultural Competence: The Hidden Message AND Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: The Need to Know for Dental Employees and Patients

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    Mandatory CE presented in a thought provoking and engaging live webinar by a dynamic speaker!
    A must for all dental professionals and personnel.  You may see things differently and change your mind about what you say and what you hear!

  • Down and Dirty – Staging and Grading Periodontal Patients

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    Are you assessing your periodontal patients correctly?

    This course combines lecture and activities to enhance dental hygienists’ understanding and practical application of the latest concepts and techniques in periodontal therapy.   If you are not sure of how to apply the AAP Periodontal Classifications – this webinar is for you!

  • OSHA, Infection Control, BBP & PPE (HIPAA not included)

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    This course is a must for dental employers and employees looking to comply with OSHA guidelines and reduce the risk of injury and disease transmission in their practice. Covering topics such as Hazmat guidelines, exposure control plans, and chemical safety, this informative webinar is designed to help you develop safety strategies and understand potential risks in a dental setting. Information you can implement immediately in your dental practice!

    Valuable resource for DAs preparing for the ICE exam.  DA’s would greatly benefit from PLS’s ICE review video series.

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