Checklist: Are You Ready for Connecticut Renewal?

It can be daunting when it’s time to renew your professional license, especially if you’re not sure where to start. The Connecticut Department of Health should send you a renewal notice at least 60 days before your license is set to expire, and if you do not renew it, an additional final notice can be expected 30 days before your expiration. Please note that dentists and dental hygienists will receive these notices by email only, so make sure you have a current email address on file and that you check it regularly. It is important to notify the DPH of name or address changes.

While that should leave you with enough time to renew your license, don’t wait until the last minute! Save yourself some stress by reviewing license requirements and continuing education here. There are specific requirements for dentists and hygienists to adhere to for compliance. Dental Assistants also have a requirement for DANB certification to legally assist in CT dental practice settings.

Continuing Education

Before you do anything else, know where you stand in terms of required coursework for renewal. If you are applying for license renewal for the first time since being licensed, you actually do not need to take any additional courses to continue your education until the next registration period. If you have doubt or are unclear of what is acceptable continuing education, contact Joyce Turcotte, RDH, M.Ed., President of Professional Learning Services at

Additionally, if you are not engaged in active practice, or if you have a medical disability or illness, the Department may waive your continuing education requirements for a designated period of time or grant you an extended deadline to give you more time fulfill the requirements. Such waivers and extensions must be requested by the time of license renewal by submitting an affidavit.

Make an Account

If you don’t already have an account with the Connecticut Department of Health, you need to send an email to to request a username and password. In your request, you must include your license number, date of birth, and last four digits of your Social Security Number. Once you have you username and password, you will be able to renew your license online.

Take the Required Coursework

Even though the Connecticut Department of Health will give you a 60-day notice before your license is set to expire, we know that sometimes, 60 days is shorter than it seems. Give yourself plenty of time in advance to find out if there are any courses you will have to take. Even if you don’t start them right away, you should find out exactly what credits you need to earn and what courses you need to take.

If you need help finding a course near you, connect with our professional staff waiting for your call.

Be Renewal Ready with Professional Learning Services

At Professional Learning Services, we offer face-to-face and online CE programs, as well as workshops to continue your education requirements! We’re here to help you complete your education requirements so you can be renewal ready far before the deadline.

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