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  • Oral and Periodontal Pathology

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    This “impressive” and visually engaging course is an in depth presentation of oral and periodontal tissue lesions that can be seen in private practice. Clinical signs and symptoms are reviewed, including radiographic interpretation and a review of dangerous warning signs.

  • Top Medication Choices for the Top Ten Illnesses

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    Dr. Petito delivers an engaging presentation on the most common illnesses that our patients face. Course evaluations include enthusiastic comments such as “Dr. Petito is beyond knowledgeable and a pleasure to listen to!!!!!” “Really enjoy this speaker! He’s entertaining to listen to!”

  • Legal Aspects to be Aware of in the Practice of Dentistry

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    Gain insight into the liabilities of dental practitioners working in a time when altruistic concepts are being overridden by a profitability/sustainability driven system.   

  • Scaling to Achieve Advanced Performance and Outcomes

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    Why you need this course: Due to the current emphasis on infection control and to stay within the CDC guidelines, Dental Hygienists are utilizing more hand scaling techniques. This challenge offers more opportunity for stress and strain creating musculosketal injuries for Dental Hygienists. Proper Instrument selection, utilization and effective sharpening skills addresses these concerns. Combined lecture, videos and Q&A will enhance the learning process.

  • Controlled Substances and the Dental Patient

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    This mandatory continuing education is delivered by Dr. Tyrone Rodriguez who consistently receives comments such as “always gives a great presentation,” “very informative” and “a highly recommended lecturer.”

  • Down and Dirty – Staging and Grading Periodontal Patients

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    Are you assessing your periodontal patients correctly?

    This course combines lecture and activities to enhance dental hygienists’ understanding and practical application of the latest concepts and techniques in periodontal therapy.   If you are not sure of how to apply the AAP Periodontal Classifications – this webinar is for you!

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