Considering a Return to Dental Hygiene?

As a professional educator and dental hygiene expert, I know that returning to the field after taking a break can be challenging. That’s why we developed a course to help address the challenges and ease the self-doubt and anxiety hygienists experience when they are pursuing re-entry. Are you a dental hygienist who took a break

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Cultural Competemility; The combination of cultural competence and cultural humility

  Cultural competemility is the balance between cultural competence and cultural humility. Cultural competence involves understanding and appreciating the diverse cultural backgrounds of patients to effectively interact with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. On the other hand, cultural humility involves being aware of one’s own biases and assumptions and being open to learning from others.

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Latest Advances in the Staging and Grading of Periodontal Patients

“Recent Advances in Periodontal Diagnosis and Treatment” and “Innovative Techniques in Periodontal Surgery”. This content covers the latest research and techniques in periodontology, including the use of 3D imaging technology, new classification systems, and the role of the oral microbiome in disease progression. Participants will learn how to apply these advancements in their practice to improve patient outcomes.

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Checklist: Are You Ready for Your DH License Renewal?

It can be daunting when it’s time to renew your professional license, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Your State should send you a renewal notice, generally 60 days before your license is set to expire, and if you do not renew it, an additional final notice may be sent around 30 days before your

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Why Continuing Education is Important for Dental Professionals

Build Your Dental Skills As a professional Dentist, Dental Assistant or Dental Hygienist, you want the best for your clients and so do we. That’s why it is incredibly important to maintain a relevant education of the latest innovations and techniques in the dental field. Dental continuing education courses provide you with the knowledge you

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